My goal is to sell your home at a new record sales price for your neighborhood. I can’t do that if we follow the typical, everyday, same old marketing plan that so many other Realtors do, so I came up with my own… LaunchPath. This is a targeted 14 day marketing blitz that is specifically formatted to each individual property and covers every avenue of marketing. With this approach I have successfully sold 100% of our listings that committed to my system, with the majority selling within the first 7 days.
Let's Dive In
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Day 1: Contract Signing

Let's Get This Party Started!

Once you have decided that my team is the best team to reach your goals we sign our listing agreement.  It's worth noting that we have a cancel anytime policy.  If you're not happy with the job we've done creating media, advertising and marketing your home we cancel your agreement with us.
(We know that won't that happen though.)

After you've signed your agreement we get right to work!  I mean...RIGHT THEN AND THERE!

We will immediately:

  • Shoot front of home snapshots
  • Create an Agent Coming Soon Promotional Video
  • Install our Coming Soon For Sale Sign

All of this marketing will be used during the first week of our process.

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First 48hrs : Home Buzz

Create Immediate Value

I like to explain to sellers during this period of time to think about the last time they bought a new phone or paid attention to a phone's release.  When Apple releases the new iPhone it's not on a random unknown date or without an intense amount of pre-marketing.  They educate their raving fans, release "leaked" photos and specs to online influencers and early adopters and create stunning commercials.

When MOST agents market a home they MIGHT use a professional photographer and upload those images to the MLS. However, usually their marketing efforts end there.

During this first 48 Hours our team tactically :

  • Emails our region's top brokers who represent the most buyers
  • Contacts our 1000's of curated leads
  • Kick off the MLS coming soon campaign 
  • Launch a targeted and paid social media campaign with lead capture.
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Week 1: Content Creation

Top Dollar Marketing = Top Dollar Home Sales

This is where we separate the professionals from the amateurs.  I've trained and continue to train agents all across the state on how to be better marketers.  In the 1000 agents I've worked with I'd say most of them have the best intentions but rarely does anyone take it the entire distance.  Good marketing is an orchestra of photos, video, copywriting and design.  An orchestra full of musicians does not sound like a master piece without a director and well written song; the same way great photos and video are worthless without a great plan and strategist.

I have successfully sold EVERY home that has committed to the LaunchPath plan and served as the Director of Marketing for a brokerage with more than ONE BILLION dollars in sales.

Even the iPhone mentioned before was not photographed by...well an iPhone.  They hire the BEST marketing company using the best gear to create their visual marketing pieces.  We do the same.

During this First Week we:

  • Hire Before & After to conduct an intensive and fun 2-hour consultation. We work together following an 8-step process to identify and document those items required to get top dollar for your home.  
  • Hire an inspector to conduct a pre-inspection so that we have check list of repairs needed.  This creates confident buyers who are more willing to give a full or above asking price offer. (Handyman services and recommendations available)

Media Day:

  • Professional Photos
  • Professional Videos
  • Professional Drone Shots
  • Professional Copywriter Notes
  • Matterport 3d Tour Capture

Content Creation:

  • Edit and upload photos
  • Create video tour and highlight reel
  • Upload 3d Tour
  • Design Single Property Website
  • Design and Print Hardcover Showing Guides

Note: The staging consultation and pre-inspection are both FREE but you need to take the advice to assure your home is in show ready condition.  If you need help tour partners can help you with all of their suggestions for a small fee.  This is much cheaper than hiring last minute licensed contractors or taking an offer for $1,000s less than our list price.

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Week 2: The Pre-Launch Campaign

The framework has all been set. This is the week that it all comes together to create excitement and urgency in the buyer's market.  Just like people wait in line for the newest iPhone, we will line up potential buyers for your home.

I use the word tactical because that is exactly how we conduct our plan.

Through out the week we tactically excite buyers with the staggered release of all of our content.

We announce the first day of showings for a Saturday and immediately follow that up with an open house.  What this strategy does is allows us to have the discussion with the potential buyers that our marketing has procured that goes a little something like this:

"Hi this is Andrew Knies with  You signed up on our website because you were interested in a home we have coming to market in Valparaiso.  If I told you I could make it happen...would you be open minded to getting into this home on Saturday...before the Sunday open house crowd?..."  

"Great, would morning or afternoon work better for you?"  

"Okay now that our appointment is set...if after you tour this property you can picture yourself living there...are you call it home and write an offer...again...BEFORE the Sunday open house crowd?"

What is really important to note is that Top Dollar Home Sales actually take more than the Top Dollar Marketing that we provide.  You have to be a great marketer AND sales person.  It's a clash of skills that few possess.  My team is throughly trained for both!

Pro Tip: Regardless if you use our service to sell your home you should ask every agent you interview if they discount their commission.  How they respond to that question will tell you everything you need to know.

Let me ask you this, if you were to pay us full price and then later you found out that we discounted our service for someone else how would that make you feel? ...Bad?... Our price is set because of the value we bring to get you the highest possible sales price and the great service we offer.  And just like we are firm on our price we will be firm negotiators when it comes to negotiating the sale of your home.

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Launch Day: Celebrate!!!

All marketing has been delivered and showings have been scheduled.  If we did our job right and we positioned your home correctly we will be looking at offers by Monday!

In Conclusion

I think that by now you will agree that not all agents are created equal.  I would love the opportunity to help you in one of the most important times of your life.  I look forward to chatting with you soon.

Call me today to discuss the sale of your home:


Andrew Knies